Are you a Giver or a Taker?

Fionuala Pender
I’m really excited about the forthcoming IIBN conference which will take place in Dublin this November (less than a month away now!). I can’t wait to hear IIBN members, sponsors and other Irish entrepreneurs spreading their ideas in their short, and hopefully inspiring, talks.
As you know, the IIBN conference this year has decided to focus on Ted style talks.  So why are Ted talks so popular?
1.  They discuss specific topics and connect viewers to an interesting topic which they may have never explored before.
2.  They highlight diverse speeches. Speakers include entrepreneurs, inventors, influencers, poets, super-models and beat boxers. Diversity of thought is paramount in our world today.
3.  They go beyond the office or your network.
4.  They are available online and for free. HERE’s my favourite.
5.  They are short 🙂 For critics that say millennials lose interest quickly, TED choses a speech length specifically for fickle viewers.
6.  They are focused.  One speaker drives each talk. They are like scripted stories meant to draw the listener in.
7.  They appear to a global citizen.
Here is a great TedTalk ‘Are you a Giver or a Taker?’.
Find out which you are, give it a watch!


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