Central Eastern Europe

The Board and Management of IIBN are very pleased to announce the merger of IIBN and iCham, effective immediately. 

iCham, established in 2014, is a network of entrepreneurs and business professionals located in a number of cities in Central and Eastern Europe.     

One of the objectives of iCham is to raise awareness of the opportunities in the region and provide a portal for Irish entrepreneurs and businesses to help explore and expand their commercial interests in cities such as Prague, Moscow, Budapest, Warsaw and Bratislava.

iCham also acts as a conduit for indigenous Central and Eastern European businesses who may want to invest into Ireland and works closely with the Embassies, local networks and semi-state organisations in the furtherance of their objectives.

This merger is an exciting and welcome development for IIBN and its members, and will hopefully lead to many new business connections and commercial opportunities in new territories.  The shared ethos of the two organisations will ensure that, in the words of Aristotle, “the whole is great than the sum of the parts”. 

 The brand name ‘iCham’ will now be retired and all future activity of the organisation will be carried out in the name of IIBN CEE (Central and Eastern Europe). 

We look forward to welcoming iCham members to IIBN events in London, Dublin and New York, and working with the iCham team on new events in Central and Eastern Europe. We’d like to thank Glen Farrell, Jason Corcoran, David Pierce, Mark Downey and Tess Bryne of iCham for their support and cooperation in putting this new deal together.

The Board and Management Team at IIBN.


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