Does your 3 Minute Presentation Include these 3 Key Ingredients?

Does your 3 Minute Presentation Include these 3 Key Ingredients?

One of the most powerful tools in an entrepreneurs toolbox is their pitch. Whether their intention is to gain investment, bring in new talent or attract new customers entrepreneurs should take the time to put together a strong pitch. One should also know that a pitch is never perfect and any great entrepreneur will constantly look for ways to improve their skills as a dynamic presenter and communicator.

The overall goal of pitching is to share a story with the audience in a way that they want to consume your message. Pitches should be engaging, informative and entertaining all while catering to your audience – certainly not an easy task.

The aim of this post is to share 3 ingredients with you that should be included in any pitch, giving you a better chance of standing out from the crowd and getting your message across to the right people.

  1. Personality.

    So first things first – you want to ensure you’re not being boring. Regardless of how relevant an entrepreneur’s product or idea is no one wants to sit through a pitch bores them to death. The key to overcoming this is to be the largest version of yourself. If you are successful in doing this it will mean you will be truly authentic and that authenticity will shine through thus better connecting with your audience.
    One way of making sure you are being your true self is not restricting yourself by the stage setup. For example if there is a podium on stage that other entrepreneurs have stood behind while pitching does not necessarily mean that you must follow suite. Feel free to move around, express yourself, allow yourself to get comfortable.
    Knowing what it is that suits you will help you shine better in a more natural and relaxed way and therefore help you to deliver a genuine pitch that your audience will remember.

  2. Empathy.

    No two pitches should ever be the same. One major differentiator will be your audience and it is vital that you can empathise with them. Put yourself in their shoes, examine your message from their perspective, consider the environment and think about what they might be looking for in your pitch.
    When structuring your pitch there should be a great emphasis put on who the audience is, what they want and what they want you to communicate. Your pitch should be filled in based on these factors and from there fill in the blanks. It’s important to remember that regardless of what type of audience is in front of you that they’re human and therefore liable to become bored should you not address the questions above.

  3. Time.

    Similar to Rome, pitches aren’t build in a day. Nor are they built in a week but in fact built gradually over time. As mentioned previously no pitch is ever perfect so it is a matter of chopping and changing, always progressing, always improving.
    The more you pitch the better the story, construction and the delivery will get. It is said that after three weeks of repping through the pitch in practice you can start to build a real relationship with it and only then can you begin to perfect it. After that stage you can hone in on the style of pitching that works best for you.

There’s no doubt that nailing down a perfect pitch can be a long and gruelling process. That being said if you take the three pointers above into the creation and development of your pitch you’ll be on the right track to a truly memorable and engaging pitch that gets results.

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