Members Spotlight: Fiona Flood

Members Spotlight: Fiona Flood

Fiona Flood, Business Owner of PA 4 a Day.

Give us a brief description of yourself?

I am the owner of PA 4 a Day.

PA 4 a Day provides professional, confidential personal assistant services for visiting executives. Services we provide for our clients include Airport meet and greet, chauffer transport, facilitation of client meetings, venue bookings, personal errands, hotel and restaurant recommendations and reservations. Each itinerary is organised to suit their unique needs and requirements.

For our international clients we also provide remote services such as notarization of documents, DFA apostille stamp, embassy legislation assistance and venue research.

What influenced you to pursue this career?

I like helping people be less stress by organising them and being super-efficient that it makes their lives easier. But I don’t want to go back and retrain to be a doctor so I went back to being a Personal Assistant.

What do you like most about your job? 

I like helping people, one of my clients was living in Singapore and moving to China and had to get her documents notarized and authorised in Dublin, so she couriered them to me for me to sort out and she didn’t have to fly back to Dublin, saving her a lot of time and money. Needless to say she was delighted and we are still in contact.

Have you explored other professions/fields?

I did a diploma in Compliance and financial services and then a degree in finance, I worked for a few years in advertising for the Irish Independent and the Irish Times Newspapers before moving to KPMG, it was a big change from newspapers to a corporate environment in the IFSC.


Where did you study/achieve your qualifications?

KPMG paid for me to do two diplomas and a degree which was fantastic, I did it with the Institute of Bankers in conjunction with UCD.

What is the most important thing you took away from school? 

I worked full time in KPMG and went to college in the evenings and at weekends for 6 years, its do able, exhausting, no life but do able.

Are there any skills you picked up in school that have been of huge benefit to you since?

I was class representative which thought me how to be more diplomatic in my approach to delivering feedback.


What was the toughest situation you have encountered throughout your professional career?

The technical side of setting up a business, learning a lot of new IT skills.

Do you have any tips/tricks you use to overcome business obstacles/ obstacles in the workplace?

If you don’t know something then educate yourself by asking questions or studying more.

Which social media channels do you use mostly in your business? Why?

Linkedin, its where nearly all my ex colleagues interact so its great for keeping in contact. I am also on twitter, Instagram and facebook but I think because the nature of my work is confidential and we are used to keeping everything private that I am a little bit social media shy.


What do you think is the most important aspect of being a successful business professional?

I think being flexible in your approach and thoughts, being open to change, learning how to adapt to changes quickly.



Who is your biggest influence/ inspiration? (celebrity/family member) and Why?

My eldest brother John Michael Flood as he owns Aston International Indonesia, he manages over 130 hotels and 15,000 staff, watching him grow this company over the last twenty years has been an incredible experience and my biggest inspiration.

What are the best books you’ve read and would recommend to IIBN members?

 John McEnroe’s autobiography But Seriously, I think of that book every time I am on the tennis court.

What do you do in your free time to escape the business world?

Travel to Indonesia, Japan, China, play tennis, cycle, park runs, babysit.


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