IIBN operates a number of mentor programmes across each of its chapters.  The purpose of these is to harness potential, enhance skills, develop leadership, provide knowledge, guidance and connections.

There are benefits in abundance both for the Mentors and the Mentees.
Some benefits mentees might expect;

  • Expert guidance from highly experienced mentors in a range of fields
  • Increase confidence
  • Develop networks
  • Receive assistance on ideas or new roles
  • Take control of the direction of their career
  • Learn new perspectives and approaches

Mentor benefits;

  • Opportunity to give back to the network
  • Enhance skills in listening, coaching and leadership
  • Demonstrate expertise and knowledge

The mentorship programmes available are quite distinct so please have a look to see if one will suit you. Information and application details are available. If you need clarification with any particular aspects of the programmes please get in touch at