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The IEMP was launched by President Michael D. Higgins in New York, in 2012, a collaboration between the Irish International Business Network (IIBN) and the Irish Network – New York (IN-NYC). The purpose of the program was to foster engagement and promote development of new executive and entrepreneur talent in the Irish diaspora.

Program Description

The purpose of the Irish Executive Mentoring Program (IEMP) is to engage the global Irish business diaspora in structured one-to-one professional development mentoring partnerships, leveraging the community’s knowledge and experience to build connectivity and develop the next generation of business leaders, both Irish-born and of Irish descent.
The IEMP is a voluntary program, enabled by a grant from the Irish government’s Emigrant Support Program.

1.Who are the mentors?

– Mid- to late-career executives or entrepreneurs, with links to Ireland.

2.Who are the protégés?

-Early- to mid-career executives or entrepreneurs, with links to Ireland.

3.How are mentors and protégés recruited?

-Participants are recruited from Irish business networks and a#nity groups worldwide.

4.What is the meeting commitment.

-Typically 1-2 hours per month, on a voluntary basis, remotely via Skype, or similar.

5.How big is the program?

-The program is built for purpose and scale, with no immediate limits to the size.

6.How to get started?

-Complete a skills, experience and personality assessment on

7.How are applicants screened?

-A combination of LinkedIn Auth, online assessment and human review.

8.How are matches made?

-Key match drivers are skills and years of experience.

9.What are the measures of a successful program?

-The program measures engagement, progress towards

10.What is the duration of the program?

-Each partnership lasts for 6 months

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