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Top Business Trends that will continue to rise in 2019....


This list is work in progress.  We want to hear for you.  Let us know which trends you believe will make their mark throughout 2019 and beyond….Please share your thoughts on the IIBN website.

  1. Consumers will demand more control over their data.

This past May, the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation went into effect, reflecting broad consumer interest in businesses better protecting their data. Shortly afterward, a slew of U.S. states passed laws ranging from tightened breach notification statutes to regulations governing how businesses can use and sell student data.

  1. Increasingly diverse payment options are coming.

Blockchain - We see more and more companies using this cutting-edge technology or are in the process of implementing it given its myriad applications. Organizations are now building capabilities that are needed to push blockchain into mainstream adoption. Industries that are seeing an increased adoption of Blockchain are Banking, Financial services, insurance, supply chain management, healthcare, e-commerce, gaming and academics.  Even governments – and for good reason – are using blockchain technology.  While a lot of blockchain initiatives have seen the light of day many are still in the pilot stages. In 2019, these initiatives will pick up pace sooner than we know.

  1. Alternative lending will continue to grow

Non-bank lending has been growing for years, but 2018 turned out to be a boom year for the industry. Given that around 80 % of small business loan applications are rejected, startup founders are increasingly looking to nontraditional financiers for capital.

  1. It’s time to embrace AI

 It’s here and if used wisely will reap huge rewards whilst upskilling the workforce.

  1. Everything that can be personalized will be personalized.

Epsilon made waves in 2018 by proving something  that many companies had long suspected: A supermajority of consumers prefer to work with brands that offer personalized experiences. Personalization can take many forms, but the Epsilon survey found that the most popular varieties are coupons based on the customer’s locations, communications on the customer’s preferred channel, and recommendations based on past purchases or service history.

  1. Subscription services will continue to sky rocket.

Although subscription growth has slowed from earlier years, the industry is still growing. Food, beauty, apparel, and lifestyle subscription boxes remain the most popular, in that order.

  1. Socially irresponsible firms will struggle.

Perhaps increased and deeper pressure on FAANG will amplify forcing them to become more socially responsible.  Corporate social responsibility has been gaining steam for years, but 2018 saw a star-studded vindication of the movement. Early in the year, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink told executives that his firm would take social responsibility into account when allocating funds. That same month, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would tweak its algorithms to prioritize posts from friends and family — even though, he warned, doing so would result in users spending less time on the platform.

In 2019 and into the future, expect social responsibility to be the table stakes of business. Firms that aren’t sure how to contribute should consider Patagonia’s CSR efforts. The outdoor brand takes an “all of the above” approach that includes employee volunteerism, selection of socially responsible suppliers, grants for environmental initiatives, and more.

  1. The gig economy, freelancing and remote work are here to stay.

Traditionally, entrepreneurs have been those individuals who have begun businesses, grown, employed staff, and joined the ranks of a standard business model – offering products and services, growing that business, adding staff and revenue. 

Entrepreneurship is now taking on a wholly different additional meaning. A growing number of millennials and Gen Z’ers are becoming “solopreneurs,” that is taking their skills and selling them on the market to a variety of “buyers,” and simply working independently, or collaborating with one or two others to offer a variety of skill sets to established enterprises.  In addition, technology favours the gig economy so it is safe to say it’s here to stay.

  1. The Importance of health and well being benefits.

Personlised health and wellness benefits, next to salary are more important than ever.  Keep in mind that different members of your team – particularly those of different generations – might have different preferences when it comes to medical options, such as the ability to keep the same doctors and have access to good medical care close to home.

  1. British party politics is broken.

 We will see the emergence of a new party (writing this when it’s actually happening). The middle ground needs representation especially around Brexit.


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