“Signium Ireland recently joined the IIBN and there is a natural energy, with a pervasive and unpretentious commitment from everyone I have met to really ‘pay forward’. We have over 40 Partner offices worldwide, so the IIBN is consistent with the nature of our global executive search & leadership consulting services. We have already made some genuinely useful connections and as well as the possible commercial benefits have found the network’s culture & approach really refreshing.”

Martin McEvoy, Managing Partner, Signium Ireland 

“The IIBN has been a fantastic experience for me. Not only am I growing and strengthening my network, but I have been enough to receive world class mentoring in the process. The ability to tap into years of business knowledge and use that advice has been priceless. I would thoroughly recommend the IIBN to any Irish person, or person of Irish descent as a fantastic investment into their future.”

Paul Hannagen, CEO of Incubator Kitchen, Director of Cuisson

“Getting involved with IIBN and by extension the Future Leaders programme has been transformational for us as a business. It has introduced us to new contacts, mentors and subsequently investors in our business, I would suggest it is a must join for any Irish diaspora looking to build their network, friendship circle and business”

Sarah O’Connor, Co-Founder, The Cool Bean Company

“Within a few short weeks of joining IIBN, I was already seeing great benefits. IIBN holds such a variety of events with so many opportunities to meet new people working in different industries. It is a very diverse business network and the events are always fun and interesting. Ailbhe and Conor are brilliant at introducing new joiners to established members and making everyone feel very welcome at each event. I would highly recommend everyone to join the IIBN.”
Eavan Coyle, Senior Consultant, IBM

“Beauchamps has been a strong supporter of the IIBN since its foundation. The network plays an integral part in developing and nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ireland and globally by encouraging networking and greater connectivity among Irish business people and their connections across the world.”

Shaun O’Shea, Partner, Beauchamps Solicitors

“When moving to London 6 years ago, I had no professional network and needed to establish one as quickly as possible. A google search of Irish business networks led me to the IIBN. The first person I contacted was Alan Gleeson who was a board member of IIBN at the time and a fellow Cork man. He was very supportive from the start and his advice was to attend an IIBN event. Within a week, I attended my first IIBN function. Through the IIBN alone my professional network grew rapidly and within a year I had contacts that my work colleagues could only dream of. I had access to potential clients, introducers of clients and mentors. The IIBN is a lot more than a traditional business network. There is a natural flow of business and nothing is forced or pressurised. It is the level of goodwill amongst members that makes it so special. Not alone have I made invaluable professional contacts and received tangible business from it, I have attended high level key note speaker events and I have made some really great friendships through the network. The IIBN has given me so much professionally and personally that I strongly recommend it to anyone seeking to network in this area.”

Paul Reidy, International Commercial Manager, HSBC

“I have already been able to arrange a breakfast meeting for the IIBN raising Imperial College’s visibility in the network. I’ve also made new friends and inspiring, like-minded people through the network!”

Patrick Murray, Business Development, Imperial College London

“Having been part of many networks, I can honestly say IIBN has by far the most incredible, kind & inspiring people, across so many sectors, I have ever met. Members are all professionals, whose networks extend across the globe, and who willingly and openly make introductions and help whomever they can. I cannot recommend this network highly enough.”

Louise O’Conor, Director, SocialTalent, Dublin

“I’ve been a member of IIBN for 8 or 9 years now. Initially as a City-based employee. For the last few years, as a business owner. If you believe in your proposition, IIBN is the place to be. You’ll get business done. Because that’s the sort of mentality members have. Genuine people connecting and adding value to each other. I know how my business adds value to my clients. I can communicate that clearly. I believe in it. That’s what people relate to. If you can say the same things about you and your business, then please join. We all want to hear from you. I’ve done more business with fellow IIBN members in the last 3 years than I have through any other business lead source. That says it all.”

Jasper Walshe, Executive Career Coach, Jasper Walshe & Associates 


“I have connected with a wide range of  like-minded commercial people across a broad range of industry categories in Dublin, London and New York” – Dublin Member  

“I have had a very positive experience participating in the FLP the last couple of years. Being part of IIBN has dramatically improved my profile in Dublin as part of my return to Ireland.” – London Member

“I have met a number of interesting people some of whom I would expect to do business with over the next 24 months” – London Member

“I have mentored a number of younger members and enjoyed seeing them evolving their businesses and plans” – London Member

“Have received some work referrals from the network” – Dublin Member

“The number of connections I’ve made over the years is priceless both on a personal and professional level” – Dublin Member

“The greatest success for me is the opportunity to be able to expand your network and socialise with others outside your sector” – New York Member

“I have had two deals introduced via the IIBN resulting in a cumulative capital investment of >€50m.” – London member 

“From my first ever IIBN event, just after joining, I was referred to a start-up which I went on to become a Board Advisor. So thanks!” – London Member

“High quality network where I have sourced really great connections.” – New York Member 

“Through the IIBN I’ve been able to make many connections for people which have proved fruitful and myself I’ve secured business at a very high level” – New York Member

“Various introductions in financial /construction and development sectors leading to new business.” – London Member

“Met a valuable business partner at my first event” – Dublin Member  

‘’Excellent opportunity to network” – London Member

“IIBN is ahead of the rest in that there are serious people involved wanting to drive business, not just talk about it” – London Member

“Great speakers and excellent networking. The support of the Embassy is a real bonus.” – London Member