“Urbo looks to raise €5m for its QR code bike unlocking schemes”

“Urbo looks to raise €5m for its QR code bike unlocking schemes”

Urbo offers a dock-less bike sharing service to fulfil the needs of people’s short distance travel. We co-operate with cities in planning and implementing the Urbo bike sharing system into their community.

The company featured in the Irish Times as they are looking to raise €5 million as it seeks to roll out its dockless-bike schemes across major European cities, including Dublin. Currently located in Walthamstow, the company plans to expand across Europe with their service.

The company, which last month launched its first scheme in London, brings together well-known figures in Irish cycling circles with the founders of The Dublin School of Grinds, one of Ireland’s largest private tuition schools. Tom McGovern, former director of The Dublin School Of Grinds & Co Founder of Urbo Solutions has recently joined the IIBN London Chapter.

Urbo operates a scheme similar to Dublin Bikes, but one that works without dedicated bike stations. Instead, the company uses smartphones and GPS to enable users to find digitally-operated bikes, that can be locked and unlocked with a QR code.

As there are no docking stations, Urbo users can start and end their journey at any designated bike-parking area and simply lock them when they arrive at their destination. They are charged via an online wallet with the possibility of users geo-fencing where bikes can operate.

The company earlier this month launched its first scheme with 250 bikes available to hire in Waltham Forest in London. It hopes to launch in 54 locations next year, including in a number of towns and cities in Ireland.


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